Mobile Personal Training delivered right to your door.

Sometimes getting out the door to the gym is hard.

Maybe you’ve thought, “I wish someone would come to me   and help me make my health a priority. “

That’s exactly what I do.

I come to your location, develop a workout plan that matches your current workout level, and we work together to  meet your goals.

It’s as easy as that.


Free initial consultation for all new clients   


I have been in the fitness industry for over 30 years with my Personal Training Certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).  I have worked in various settings including the collegiate strength room, country club, and health clubs.  I have trained hundreds of clients ranging from high school and college athletes, young professionals, weekend warriors, clients recovering from injuries, and retirees trying to stay functional through the latter years of life.

I have a passion for exercise and fitness, and that’s why I have stayed in the industry all my life.   During these challenging times I decided to start my own mobile training business.  I DRIVE to you, and together we TRAIN to accomplish your health and fitness goals.

                                         -Rob Mulauski

For more information contact me at or 919.524.1385

Mobile Personal Training customized to meet your goals
within the convenience of your home.

Free Initial assessment

Your fitness journey starts with a free assessment that includes: blood pressure, resting heart rate, flexibility test, 3 site skin fold test. We will also measure core, upper body and lower body strength.



One on ONe Training

We work together to determine your goals whether its weight loss, improving flexibility, better balance, sport-specific training, or strengthening your core.
Session Rates:
30 minute session  $40
45 minute session  $55
60 minute session  $70

small group training

Training with a partner or small group is available upon request.


Where can I train?

Most clients prefer to train at their home, but I can also meet at any outdoor location. 

What can i expect at my first session?

Your first session is complementary and we discuss your fitness goals, determine your fitness level, and develop a work out plan. We usually have time for a brief workout too. 

What Kind of equipment do you bring?

While the equipment will vary based on our fitness plan for the day, in general I bring an adjustable bench, balance pods, bosu/stability ball, stretching table, kettlebells, resistance bands, dumbbells, Ab roller, tubing, and an agility ladder.

What is your cancellation Policy?

Please reschedule 24 hours in advance when possible. We will definitely work with you when life events come up.


We accept online payments when you schedule a session. 

How do i sign up for a session?

Call, email, or use the schedule button above to set up your first complimentary session.